Saturday, August 6, 2011

Camp Narnia has arrived!!!

We made it! A cavalcade of cards left Victoria on Tuesday and we've been working hard to get camp started for our official opening day tomorrow. We have an early bird group in tonight and just finished our inaugural Homesteading - boy do they smell smokey! Fresh-baked bread and so much yummy goodness!

Our location this year is beautiful and the staff have done wonders adding Narnian touches. Here are some pictures of what we've done so far.

See you soon by the glow of the lamp-post!


  1. Camp this year looks even better than the photos. And you can't put the enthusiasm of the campers and the counselors on a web page! My daughter was thrilled to be back, jumping right in to all of the activities. Welcome back, Narnia.

  2. Nick can't wait to get there! Looking forward to it. We drove past the sign on the way back from Hornby yesterday.