Thursday, June 20, 2013

Come be a Leader In Progress!

Calling all 16-18 years olds!
Come to Camp Narnia and take part in our Leaders In Progress (LIP) program!
You can apply to come for 1 or 2 weeks: August 4-10 and 11-17  Fee: $250/wk
Last summer's super crew of LIPs- we couldn't have done it without them!

What will you do as an LIP?
-Take part in leadership training sessions
-Help with the daily operations of camp: activity set-up, cleaning, maintenance, meal service, camper supervision, camp programs
-Build skills working with children in a creative and supportive community
-Have fun, work hard and learn lots of useful skills
If you think this is for you and you would like to apply for our program please email the Camp Narnia office at