Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cane cane from the Congo!

Camp Narnia 2013 is over and I know that the memories made will carry our campers and staff through to our next season in 2014.  I want to send out a huge thank-you to my hard-working and dedicated staff and LIPs for keeping the Narnian magic alive and for giving our campers such a wonderful experience!  I heard that we had an amazing group of campers this summer!  I was so sorry not to be able to make it to Camp this summer as I have been in the Congo to complete the final stages of my adoption.  Unexpected delays mean that I am still here but I am having a wonderful time with my daughter and look forward to having her be a part of Camp Narnia next summer! 

We should be home in a week or so and I will get caught up with any emails and communication then as there is limited internet where I am currently staying.  I look forward to meeting new and familiar faces next summer and to looking through all the photos and hearing stories about the adventures this summer!

All the best from the Congo!

Agnes (Camp Director/Owner) aka Mama Gumboot  and ElizĂ©e aka Little Gumboot