Our Activities

So what kind of activities can you expect at Camp Narnia?

What might capture your curiosity and imagination?


Wigwam Quest?  Wagon Trail?  Elbeania?  The Potato Game?

 We have had many different activities over the years and with our temporary rental location we will not be able to provide them all but here are some that we do intend to include in our program:

Forest Adventure
Outdoor Cooking : Homesteading
Crepes-on-a-shovel (a hands-down favourite!)
Narnian drama productions: our Thursday night all-camp play
all-camp games : tons of fun!
Mask making and other unique crafts like batiking and candle making 
Our special Camp Narnia co-operative challenge course
Culinary fun
Talent show: what's yours? piano? dance? juggling? martial arts? magic tricks?
and more are in the works...

Camp also began in 1986 with a strong farm and garden program which included an Animal Care program and Gardening where campers could use produce from the garden for our outdoor cooking program.  This is an element of camp which we hope to bring back and develop as we re-open.  For this summer we are hoping to have a few animals on site to get us started.

At the core of all our activities is the intent to engage the children through story, to foster their imaginations and to share new skills and experiences. 

If you look at our February 20th post you will find a video of Camp Narnia through the years that shows much of Camp Narnia is all about.