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Presenting some of our amazing and dedicated Camp staff  - Narnia wouldn't be the same without them!


GOOD MORNING CAMP NARNIA! (insert reply) Campers new and old, just a little note to let all of you know that I will be back this year and in style...Sam Clinock, Program Director Extraordinaire! I am very excited!  Camp Narnia has been a rock in my life; a place to remind me of what is important, and about the things that I love. 

I have learned an enormous amount at camp and there I have met the most kind, social and imaginative people ever. I have been involved with Camp Narnia since I was 9 years old, and as I am going on 29, that would be 20 years of camp under my belt as a camper, Leader in Progress, Counsellor, Program staff, and Program Coordinator. I am very excited to be taking on the role of Program Director this summer and one thing is for sure, all my love and hard work will go into my time at camp. I cannot wait to see all the campers again (especially all those who have been in my cabin the past few years, you know who you are)! See all of you soon! Keep the magic alive!


I started working at Camp Narnia at the age of 17 way back before I got old and life got confusing. I've been leading Narnia's Teen Camp since 2003 and my favourite parts of being at camp are cooking teen banquets, helping with the teen projects, and playing all the games I loved to play as a child.

The rest of the year I work in England as a manager for a children's charity. I'm in charge of five youth centres in Kent, and although most of what I do now is paperwork, I still get to see lots of teens and have fun outside the office. Besides work, I practice Capeoira, Tai Chi, and I often go rock climbing and traveling on my holidays. 
See you for more adventures this summer!


I first went to Camp Narnia when I was eight. It was my first time at a stay-over camp and was such a success that it became a permanent fixture in the childhood summers of my sisters and I for the next seven years. We built campfires, went stargazing, made ice cream and fudge, put on plays, and danced dozens of Pata Patas. 

 The best part of Camp though, for me, was always the sense of acceptance I got when I was there. I was a really imaginative kid and Camp Narnia was such a unique, creative outdoor experience that I was able to move from shy, nerdy youngster to a confident, happy young teenager, and to form some truly wonderful friendships. I really learned how to "do my best and enjoy every step" at Camp, so when I heard the words "Aslan is on the move"two years ago, I was instantly off.  Helping to re-open Camp Narnia has been an incredibly rewarding experience, the best of which is being able to introduce some of my favourite activities to a whole new group of children. Their enthusiasm reminds me of my eight year old self, with many crepes-on-a-shovel ahead of me, and I look forward to creating magic and adventure with campers new and old for many summers to come.


I first came to Narnia as a very shy teenager in 2002. Three summers in the positive and jovial environment of Teenland successfully cured me of any trace of shyness. I credit a lot of my personal development in those years to Camp Narnia’s encouraging and uplifting influence, the ethos of acceptance that unites our small community. I was lucky enough to spend a year as a LIP, and then was a “Counsellor in Training” the final year at the Shawnigan Lake property. When the camp reopened in 2011, I was overjoyed to come back as a counsellor.

         For me the core of Camp Narnia is that it is a place for kids to experiment with being truly themselves for a week at a time, a luxury that is often lacking in their young lives. I love the positive energy, the air of adventure and the theatricality we add to the most mundane things, whether it’s cleaning up the wagon or eating breakfast.

       Over my 6 years at Narnia, I've become an accomplished dragon hunter, shield smith, and Pata Pata Dancer. Sadly, the completion of my Master’s degree prevented my return to Narnia for the summer of 2012, but I am positively jubilant at the prospect of returning for 2013!


I started coming to camp when I was just five years old, and loved every minute of it! The imagination and creativity that was (and still is) woven into the activities and atmosphere really drew me in as a child and continues to bring me back as an adult. My favourite activity is a tie between dolk fancing and batiking.

When I am not 'through the wardrobe', I am an Elementary school teacher. I enjoy kayaking, reading, singing, and theatre. I love the beginning of each camp session when we get to welcome back returning campers as well as warmly welcome some new faces. I can't wait to see you all at Camp Narnia this summer! Until we hear the lion's roar…


I first went to Camp Narnia when I was seven years old, on the Shawnigan Lake property. Apart from one very misfortunate illness that kept me away one year, I returned to the magical land of Narnia every summer until I was eleven. It’s a bit tricky to describe what exactly makes Camp so memorable. There’s a big, thick mash of memories all stewing around in my brain of Scottish oatmeal, forest sharks, kidney beans, fresh baked bread, and low burning campfires (to name a few). So when I found out that Camp was re-opening it was a momentous day! It was time to go back to homesteading, crepes on a shovel, costumes, and running around in the forest. 

When I arrived back at Camp I had grown out of my camper gumboots, skipped over giant-ous Teenland, and found myself plopped in the middle of LIP-dom. But being an LIP (Leader In Progress) has been a great experience! It’s one thing to experience the magic of Narnia as a camper, but it’s another experience to make some of that magic. Working behind the Camp scenes has greatly improved my stealth and camouflage skills, and working with the campers is a blast. Apart from running around Camp dressed as a faun I like to play piano, scrapbook, sail, read, and especially cook and bake.


I first came to Camp Narnia the summer of 2003 after turning 8. My arrival at camp was preceded by years of stories from my older siblings and although I thought I would never be more excited about anything in my life my excitement about camp has only grown since then!  I was a camper until the closing of Camp Narnia in 2006, and one of the best things about my experience as a camper was the community I became a part of. This is something I can only describe as magical. Everything from making crepes on a shovel to playing forest games is part of the magic that is experienced here at camp.

Having the opportunity to return to Narnia as a Leader In Training for the past two summers has been amazing. I got to work with other staff members to give campers the same incredible experience I had, which has given me so many great new memories of Narnia.

I currently attend school in Boston, MA where I spend much of my time teaching a preschool class. Going to Camp Narnia is something I look forward to every year, and I’m so excited to be able to share the magic with both new and returning campers this summer!

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  1. I am sooo excite dto be coming to camp narnia this summer! my friend told me how much fun it was when she went!