Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the folks at Camp Narnia!  We hope that the wonder of adventure and imagination and the blessing of family and friends fill your lives in the coming year.  

Click on the link below to read our Winter 2012 newsletter, the Lamp-post.

See you when the snow melts in Narnia!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Registration for Summer 2013 is open!

We're excited to announce that registration is now open for our summer 2013 camp sessions!  After two amazing imagination and adventure-filled seasons we're so happy to be able to welcome campers, both new and returning, to Camp Narnia once again.  Come joins us this summer!

Childrens and teens ages 6-15
August 4th - 10th and 11th - 17th

Friday, September 28, 2012

A note for School groups...

We have received several inquiries about programs for school groups and unfortunately at this time we aren't able to offer these programs.  Camp Narnia has run school programs in the past and enjoyed visits from hundreds of school groups on the Island and from the Mainland and we hope to be able to do so again in the future.

If you are with a school and would like to be kept on our contact list for future programs please email us at

Love this t-shirt from !  It says it all and as a teacher myself I know the value in being able to take kids outside and Camp is the perfect place for that.  We hope to be able to welcome school groups in the coming years...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Announcing Camp Narnia 2013!

It's early days yet but we wanted to let you know that we've confirmed dates for Camp Narnia 2013!  This is so exciting and we are looking forward to many new campers and to familiar faces from the last two summers.  There is definitely magic in the land of Narnia!

We are anticipating a growing Teen program for campers ages 13-15.  Our Teen super counsellor and coordinator Joel is working on all sorts of ideas which shall be revealed...  Because of numbers our teens will be moving into the second wagon circle.  Hooray for the return of Teenland!

We will be offering two camp sessions again:
 Sunday, August 4th to Saturday, August 10th
Sunday, August 11th to Saturday, August 17th.

Sessions are for boys and girls, ages 6-15.  We also have a Leaders In Progress program for 16 & 17 year olds. More info to come about all this soon!

Our theme for this coming summer will be The Horse and His Boy
Join us on a great adventure with Shasta, Bre, Hwin and Aravis.
 To Narnia and the North!

The Horse and His Boy

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Faces of Narnia

 Our Camp season is over and we've all returned home with memories of campfires, nights under the stars, Narnian adventures, great food, new and old friends...  More than that though we've grown, tried new things, worked hard and played and laughed together.  We built a Camp Narnia community that can't be shut off as the pages on the calendar flip over; it will continue to grow, built on strong foundations and the pure joy and magic of childhood.  It will continue to grow until it meets once again under blue skies and our Narnian flag.  Until then here are a few of the many faces of Narnia...


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hello from Narnia!

Well here we are!  It's Wednesday and the week is well under way.  We had some exciting thunder last night and a short but powerful rainfall and it's back to mostly clear skies today.  There were owls in the trees last night keeping us entertained and we're looking forward to some star gazing tonight.

So far this week we've had kayaking, archery, candle making, homesteading (fire building and outdoor cooking), folk dancing, boat building, forest adventures, ice cream making, crazy games and now we're getting ready for Island Quest and the Lone Islands Festival...

We have a whole camp-full of happy campers who are trying new things, making new friends, swatting mosquitoes, breathing in the fresh Narnian air and smiling and laughing a whole lot.

Monday, July 30, 2012

On our way to Narnia!

We are moving up to our Camp location on the 31st of July with our assortment of cast iron frying pans, costumes, blueberries, archery equipment, candle making supplies and more in our fleet of vehicles.

We have a very limited number of spaces left in both of our sessions:
August 5th - 11th: Space for 1 boy 6-12 and space in our Teen Camp ages 13-15
August 12th - 18th: Space in our Teen Camp ages 13-15
 Please contact us on the Camp cell phone at 250-661-3957 to verify before registering or you can send an email to  Registrations should not be sent to the Victoria address so please contact us to verify details.

We're excited to announce that we have brand new t-shirts this summer featuring some of our favourite characters from this summer's Voyage of the Dawn Treader theme... Dufflepuds!          T-shirts come in navy blue, teal blue, chocolate brown and kelly green.  Cost is $15 per shirt and they are available on check-in and check-out days.  Payment can be made with cash or cheque.

Don't forget to check the Parent Information handbook for what to bring, when to come, how to get there, etc...  We look forward to seeing you in Narnia and to the adventures that await!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Registration updates

Please note that we are full for girls age 6-12 for our first week, August 5-11 and full for boys age 6-12 for our second week, August 12-18.

We still have a few spaces left for our other age groups in both sessions.  Please contact the office for registrations that are being sent in after July 23rd.

Please look through our Parent Information handbook (tab to the right) for information on what to bring, check-in and check-out times, how to send your child mail while they're at camp, what a typical day looks like... 

Looking forward to seeing all our campers and their families in August!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer is coming!

We are excited to say that the registrations keep coming in and we're looking forward to an amazing August in Narnia!  We have both returning and new campers coming and are so happy to be welcoming them all to Camp.  There are still some spaces available in both sessions and there's still time to register.   

Our sessions are August 5-11 and 12-18 and the cost is $450/session.

Come join us for our 'Voyage of the Dawn Treader'.  The adventure is here.  The magic is waiting!

email  or phone (250) 298-9238 with any questions.
We hope to see you this summer!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Where it all began...

Thoughts from a Camp Narnia Director on a journey to where it all began...

"Narnia. Narnia. Narnia. Awake. Love. Think. Speak.  Be walking trees.  Be talking beasts.  Be divine waters." - Aslan The Magician's Nephew


Today, under a brilliant blue sky, I went to Salt Spring Island, where I go every few months to keep my compass pointing true Narnia.  In the beautiful Burgoyne Valley, where Burgoyne Bay Provincial Park is now located, Camp Narnia once lived and breathed.

 As I walked down the path toward Camp the memories came rolling in like a wind-swept field under a brilliant arm of the Milky Way.  The Nootka Roses carry their apple-fresh scent and the budding hawthorns crowd in on either side.  At the end of the path and off to the left is the garden where I once grew a homesteading feast of garlic and potatoes and where bees flew back and forth from their hives busy making honey for our bread oven delights.

Behind me towers Mt. Maxwell which has a special place in our Narnian lore and all around are open fields where pigs, cows, goats, horses, chickens, ducks, turkey, peacocks, rabbits, donkeys, llamas and of course children once galloped, neighed and nosed about.  In the distance I can see the Stone Table and the Tree of Knowledge, somewhat more grizzled and lichen-draped every year, but still rooted and strong like the memories of so many who journeyed through the Wardrobe door and took the adventure that Aslan sent.

 I often wonder what people who pass through here and who never saw it as Camp Narnia must think of this place.  Do they know that they are standing on the Dancing Lawn and that come twilight the fauns will venture out of the woods with flute and drum?  Do they know that they are crossing Puddleglum's Marsh where that loyal Narnian Marshwiggle, a true Respectabiggle, is waiting to share some fresh eel stew with them?

The stories and fabric of this place are so tightly woven into the core of who I am that there is no separating the two.  So as I sit on the Stone Table writing this with swallows swooping overhead and the sound of a saxophone somewhere far off playing I am so grateful for the passion and the vision that brought Camp Narnia into being.  To Anton Voorhoeve and Carol Toal and their daughter Marieke, thank you from the bottom of my ce-dar smoked, pata pata dancing heart.  I am honoured to keep that lamp-post light burning brightly and to continue to share the magic, the adventure and the true essence of childhood that Camp Narnia is.

In the words of a wise Narnian, to do is to be is to do so dobedobedo...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gateways to Narnia Quest!

 Introducing our Gateways to Narnia contest! Inspired by this article sent to us by long-time Narnian Alana we have decided to try this out for ourselves...

Gateways to Narnia

Have you come across in your neighbourhood or in your travels a doorway or entrance that is clearly a gateway into Narnia? We invite you to send in your pictures to us via email at or to our facebook page.  Your photo may find its way onto our new set of Camp Narnia postcards!  Entries can be submitted through to June 30th.

Please include your first name and where you took the photo if you are sending it in via facebook. Whether or not you decide to step through the door once you find it and spend some time in Narnia is up to you...

The adventure is here. The magic is waiting!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring has come to Narnia!

We are so excited to see registrations coming in, from both new and returning campers! After an amazing re-opening last summer plans are well underway to bring together another imagination-filled season. Come and join us for starlit nights, outdoor cooking, forest exploring, archery, questing for the seven lost Lords of Narnia and so much more!

The adventure is here ~ the magic is waiting!

Our beautiful hawthorn Tree of Knowledge from the Salt Spring property

"...miles away the Beavers and the children were walking on hour after hour into what seemed a delicious dream... They walked on in silence drinking it all in, passing through patches of warm sunlight into cool, green thickets and out again into wide mossy glades where tall elms raised the leafy roof far overhead, and then into dense masses of flowering currant and among hawthorn bushes where the sweet smell was almost overpowering."

-The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Heading towards Narnia 2012

We're only 174 days away from opening for our Summer 2012 season! Time is beginning to fly by and registrations are showing up in the mailbox. We've got our traditional favourites and some new activities lined up for this summer and are looking forward to having many of last summer's campers coming back and to meeting new Narnians.

Don't forget about our early bird deadline - March 31st!

We're looking forward to an amazing summer with many of last summer's staff coming back to keep the Narnian spirit alive! We hope to see you there as the Dawn Treader sets sail on its quest for adventure, magic, Dufflepuds, seven lost Lords and so much more!