Camp History

We are sad to announce that this year on August 19th one of Camp Narnia's founders, Anton Voorhoeve, passed away at his home.  Anton (who we all called Toon) was a vital creative force whose passions and beliefs inspired so many.  He will be greatly missed by his family, his friends and by all those who passed through the Wardrobe doors and who were fortunate enough to know him.  Although many of today's campers never knew Toon they live his dream and vision while at Camp.  In his memory (and in his words) we will continue to do our best and to enjoy every step.

Camp Narnia was founded in 1986 as a private, independent camp on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. The aim of its founders, Anton Voorhoeve and Carol Toal, a doctor and a social worker, was to provide a camp for children in a rural setting, offering programs that would build new skills and attitudes, enhance self-esteem, develop independence and create a sense of personal well-being and enjoyment.
The camp relocated in the fall of 1999 to Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver Island where it continued to uphold these values while providing camp experiences for campers and school groups until 2006.  The hope was that Camp Narnia would one day re-open its doors to campers bringing back its unique programs and activities.  We are so pleased to announce the return of Camp Narnia for the summer of 2011.

Camp Narnia draws its name from The Chronicles of Narnia, a series of children's books written by C.S. Lewis in the 1950s, in which Narnia is a magical land open only to children.  The stories portray basic human values such as responsibility, respect, compassion, joy and loyalty; values that comprise a major part of the camp philosophy.