Sunday, February 20, 2011

Narnia Through the Years

Presenting Narnia Through the Years! There were so many pictures to choose from thanks to one of our founders, Anton Voorhoeve, who over the years captured so well the spirit of Camp through his lens. Thank you Toon! I hope you all enjoy the trip down memory lane, looking to the past as we head off into the future. What a journey and so many people who have been a part of Camp Narnia!


  1. It was really nice to recall all the good memories of the Saltspring Island camp. I'm reminded of mornings at camp whenever I hear Jean-Joseph Mouret's Fanfare-Rondeau or Copland's Fanfare for the Common Man. (It just isn't the same without the morning bell, though!)

    What were the words to the nighttime song, "Silence people and now listen ..."? I was trying to sing it to my daughter and could only remember some of the words.

    Hope your re-opening this summer goes very well!

  2. Thanks Noam, you're right about the morning bell - somehow that made all the difference! "Silence people and now listen. Nighttime slowly has arisen. Time is past the hour of nine, the hour of Narnia's bedtime. Nightwatch is of no avail unless we follow Aslan's trail. Aslan with your goodness and might, give us all a very good night." Let me know if you want the whole song!
    Thanks for the good wishes,

  3. Thank you so much for making and posting this! I was watching and just enjoying all the memories when my friend and I's photo popped up! I am forever grateful for my time at Camp Narnia- best summers of my life!

  4. What a wonderful collection of photos from Camp Narnia, perfect music selection too. So many fond memories from the many years on Saltspring, pretty sure I spotted Kier in a couple of them. It's been so long I can't remember all the words, but I used to love singing the nightwatch song ... the morning bell not so much.

    Really glad to see the camp reopening again this year and hope that all goes well.


  5. that was a great trip down memory lane ... tears of happieness ... thank you
    what a great place full of great times and great friends
    enjoy the new site
    nicole ... aka moptop / whitewitch